Taking Your Remedy

The effects of homeopathic medicine are thought to be enhanced by absorption through the mouth and it is possible that other things being present might interfere with this absorption.

For this reason, you should take your remedy at least twenty minutes away from anything else that you put in your mouth, for example: food, drink, cigarettes, toothpaste and also any other medication.

If you are taking more than one, allow a few minutes between each homeopathic remedy.

Bottled pills and tablets should be measured into the lid of their bottle and taken from there – contact with the hands should be kept to a minimum. Packets of pills, powders or granules should be tipped directly into the mouth. Hold in the mouth and allow to dissolve. As the remedy will dissolve in your mouth, you do not need water to take it with.

Drops should be held in the mouth before swallowing. Drops can be put directly onto the tongue, or placed in a small amount of water.

Liquids should be held in the mouth before swallowing.

The standard dosage for herbal tinctures is five drops.

Your consultant will have indicated to you during your consultation if any variation in these instructions is required. Your prescription will detail how much and how often you should take your remedy.

All remedies should be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and away from strong smells. Electronic equipment such as mobile phones and strong magnetic fields can affect remedies so they should be stored away from such items.

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